Sunday, February 18, 2007

A warm Hello from me

Hello from Singapore !


Lily said...

Hi. Hopefully you can post your DD photos soon.

Jackie Lim said...

Hi Lily,

so happy to see your post, i dont even know that i had a reply.

first time using this.

can i write to you using email ?

mine is

Chie said...

Hi Jackie,
Thanks for visiting my blog! :)
I see you are starting up this blog, and I hope to see your craft projects here soon. ;)
Thanks again!

R a i n said...

Hello Jackie! Welcome to the blogging world =)

Thanks for dropping by my blog!

Happy Crafting!

R a i n said...

My first two "pairs" were single socks lol.

But the most recent pair I knitted up made it through the whole run!

Our single socks can be friends ;)

Lois said...

welcome to the blog world. have a great time here. :)