Monday, March 26, 2007

My first knit meetup

24 March 2007, Saturday.

Anything special ????

Yes, it was my first ever knit meeting with a group of knitters from Knit Forum. It turned out to be "what i think a knit group will be"

I had no regret of going even though it was jus for 2 hrs or so.

We have fix another meet on 8 Apr 2007, Sunday.

YEAH..... tis time will be on a Sunday. I had arranged with DH to be with DD for tat day so it will be a Mummy's Day OUT



handknit168 said...

It is nice to have knitters' meeting that all can share knitting experience. Hope can see your knitting products very soon.

Refer to your comments to my post, I just hide the loose end when making the border.

Regg said...

welcome to the knitting world!
keep it up and hope to see ur FO soon :)

Little Sesame said...

Hi JL, thanks for dropping by my blog. Please email me at so I could get back to you on your questions/comments.

Little Sesame said...
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