Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My first knitted toy - WIP

Guess Who is THIS ?

Yes, it is Mr Bean's teddy bear. This will be my first ever knitted bear.

After seeing Khim's seamless bear on the first Knit Meet Up, i too would love to knit one such cutie for Jayne.

Finally decided tat Mr Bean's bear will be my first target.

In order for me to have a smooth/easy knit-a-along, my little Jayne drew out the Mr Bean's bear.


R a i n said...

Aww...that's cute. Looks like it's coming along just swell.

Mira said...

ohhh the teddy is gonna be sooo cute!!

Iris G said...

Love your bear, the sketch is so cute!

bluey said...

The bear looks so cute.

Regg said...

Cant wait to see the FO!

JL said...

Tks ladies.

Due to shortage of Super 10, Lot #3334, Dye Lot #541, i cant continue with the ear......sobbing

Waiting for stock to arrive from GD. Hope it will "arrive".