Wednesday, May 30, 2007


This Spring & Summer Knit is publised in April, 2007. Tat makes it the lastest from Home Craft series.
It has tis lovely vest which i wanted to make one for myself very much.
I had been looking high n low for it, finally got it from Kinokuniya last Saturday.
I went yarn hunting all by myself yesterday (DH offered to "babysit" Jayne). I chose Lacy Crochet yarn, a Japanese 100% fine cotton, 25g, 107m., 8 balls of Purple.
This is my first time using Purple, and also MY FIRST TIME CROCHET A VEST !


Craftlover said...

How nice that you are going to start a crochet project with Japanese Yarn, that means you can shop for Japanese books and yarn in Singapore, right? Very lucky. Are they very expensive over there? IN Canada, Japanese yarn is very very very luxury!!

opportunityknits said...

Are you crocheting the cover vest? The lilac yarn looks very pretty!

Lily said...

Hmmmm somebody have been shopping again. Bad girl! Btw, I love your color choice.

Iris G said...

Good luck with your vest! I think you'll look great in that pale lavender.

soknitpicky said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. This is going to be so cute in purple--great choice!