Sunday, June 3, 2007

Who m i ??

Hi everyone, it is ME, the long waiting sock!

Jayne wanted to be the first person to wear.
So Socky became leg warmer.

OK, now come the real model. Noticed the leg hair? yeah, it's DH.

See, my first adult knitted sock. Happy Dancing !!!
Tis is the second sock pattern tat i used (should have used it at the beginning).
The first sock pattern was from Knit Sock, it required only 4 dpns, which wat i had. But somehow or rather i cant seem to figure out the Turning e Heel part.
Tats where i decided to take Lion Brand Yarn, Magic Stripes's sock pattern on the wrapper.
Tis pattern uses 5 dpns, well i tot, no harm i really wanted to knit sock very very much. I divided the sts accordingly. Surprising i understand the instructions quite well, no helpline at all.
Sock knitting is a big challenge for me. I m loving is fun.
Jayne already asking me to knit a pair for her and of course i must have a pair for myself too.
Not forgetting the one laying in my UFO's basket.....
I heard the other sock buddy to go.


opportunityknits said...

You did it! And it's so nice to have the support of your family, they're all so eager to model the sock :)

Annie said...

Congratulations!!You are done.Absolutely a very nice pair of sock.You should knit other pairs for yourself and your DD.

Lily said...

Yeaaahhhh! Your first finished socks. Congrats on finishing it.

alt.ayu said...

Yayy! :) Gratz!

May said...

Horray for the first finished sock!

Craftlover said...

Congrats! You are fast!!
I am very slow in knitting socks, actually, I don't have the patient to knit socks.. Too bad...!!

Mimi said...

How nice that you're able to knit your first socks! I have yet to figure out how to knit one! :)

Mimi said...

How nice that you're able to knit your first socks! I have yet to figure out how to knit one! :)

Mira said...

Cool a first sock! Start on the second one soon before you get the second sock syndrome hehe

AuntieAnn said...

Very cute pictures! I like the colorful yarn, too. Good job!

bobbi said...

very cute post. I enjoy your humor.
It's nice to know someone so far away is also so close.
thanks so much for checking in on my blog all the time.