Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Fat-bottom Backpack

Yarn : Sirdar Chenille DK

Needle : 4mm Clover circular needle, 3mm Clover crochet needle
Size : Base 8' x 6" , 13" H

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My own one-of-a-kind bag filled with lots of love and warmth. I crocheted the base first using single crochet. With the short and compact stitch, close-by together, making the base durable and sturdy. Picked up and knit around the base, creating a wide-bottomed bag, allowing plently of room for Jayne's stuffs or just about anything. Weave an I-cord drawstring through eyelets for closure which was then sewn onto the 2 corner side of the bottom. The Chenille DK is a stronger yarn which is self-supporting with no linning needed.


a friend to knit with said...

This is so great!!! I love it wow...it looks adorable, and i love that you did not have to line it!!!


opportunityknits said...

Hey it's such a nice design, very cool. And it looks very sturdy.

bobbi said...

sounds like you were busy.
it's great, lucky Jayne.

Lily said...

Very practical bag for Jayne. Clever idea!

Ruinwen said...

What a great bag. Jayne is stylin'! :)