Friday, September 21, 2007


I simply love the place, wonderful stuffs, beautiful projects, good ideas, best buys and ..........many more.

I m Ravelry, are you ?


Lis said...

Yeah, I am. I love Ravelry. What's your username? I'm also Lis there.

bobbi said...

WoW! i think i'm the only one that is not Ravelry.
what's with me?

Craftlover said...

craftlover is my user name.
welcome to Ravelry!!

JL said...

Hi Bobbi,

Me too, have waited for a long time. I am sure we will be seeing you there soon.

Annie said...

Hi jl, this is a nice blog with all the lovely and cute projects! great work, keep it up!

Hi Bobbi, you are not the only one, i am still waiting vy patiently!

a friend to knit with said...

i am friendtofriend over there.....i don't go on that often, haven't found the time yet....look for me...i'll look for you! :)

bobbi said...

ok, i'm ravelry now.
my name is skittles
see you there