Saturday, December 1, 2007

Peekaboo Mittens

My first pair of handknitted mitten, Peekaboo by Megan at Pensive Frog. The mittens are with a slit whereby the fingers can slip out, for easy movements.

Mittens are not a necessity in this hot and humid weather. My intention is to knit for DD to wear in a man-made cold place, the ice-skating ring. She has been wearing the factory-made mittens and socks there.

As a knitter, i would love to see her wearing my knitted stuffs as a way to motivate me to learn new knitting skills, different projects, last but not least, an excuss to buy more yarns.

Peekaboo mittens are fairly easy to knit, as a beginner, i followed the patterns accordingly, no motification was(dare) needed.

I had a slight held-up at the Thumb gusset part, to use backward loop method to cast on over the gap. With the help from Dustina, she knitted the Playground mittens for her kids, something similar as mine. She showed me this website

I was able to continue knitting. After watching the video, i knew the backward loop method(actually) but i didnt know this cast-on has a name for it.

Everything went along smoothly till the Thumb part (again) where i had to re-join yarn at the gap between hand and thumb gusset, pick up and knit the stitches in base of the cast-on stitches. I knitted, unknitted and knitted before i m happy with the results.

P.S. With DD's help, i managed and know how to add a direct link Here.


Mags said...

Your mittens are super!!
Don't you love learning new and (or) knitting.
You must be thrilled with the outcome and your daughter looks happy too (cute pix).

bobbi said...

good for you, nice mittens.
don't you just love the knowledge of these young kid of today. jayne is a smart girl.

opportunityknits said...

Jayne looks very pleased with her new mittens. I was at Leisure Park last week after watching Mickey's magic show and we saw that they have an ice skating rink there now!

Dipsy Doodle said...

These mittens are absolutely fantastic, and they'll come in so very handy in the ice-skating ring - they look ever so soft, cozy and warm, and I love the color that you chose! Great work indeed!
Happy Knitting!

Dipsy D.

Ruinwen said...

What cute, cute mittens! You daughter looks like she adores them! :)

Inoriz said...

Cute mittens! :D

Oiyi said...

They look great! They were my first mitten project last year and it was a fast knit. I still have one pair that needs one thumb for myself. We definitely need mittens in the USA.

Little Jayne's Flower Crafty Corner said...

Nice mitten.

Ann said...

I'm knitting the same mittens and is unhappy with the gap between the hand and thumb gusset. How do you get it to look soooo perfect??