Thursday, January 31, 2008

Baking time

We were busy in the kitchen again..this time we baked a Chiffon cake.
The whipping of the egg white is the key to make a good Chiffon cake.

Jayne and I enjoyed watching the cake "grow" in the oven. Chiffon cake is another snack in our tea menu.


Oiyi said...

What a cool oven! I stayed at my aunt's flat the last time I was in Hong Kong and noticed that she had no oven and I always wondered how do people in Hong Kong bake. I am use the the stoves here that have the oven underneath.

1to1 said...

Jackie, looks quite yummy. I didn't notice the oven until I read the previous comment. It kinda looks like our microwave.

Mags said...

Is a chiffon cake like an angel food cake....anyhow snack time at your house looks yummy!
(Love your pix.)

a friend to knit with said...

it looks delicous.
and like something we would like over here.
with tea? yumm!