Friday, January 4, 2008

The last day of 2007

We were at the East Coast Park on the last day of 2007, enjoying the sea, the breeze, the sand and with our beloved, everything little thing counts.

DH and me were cycyling, Jayne was on her kid's scooter. Our route started off at a bicycle rental shop near the Burger King Fast Food Resturant till a fishing jetty way up pass the famous East Coast Food Centre.

Jayne on her kid's scooter with a sling shoulder bag.

Worked in Sirdar Funky Fun Fur with a 3mm crochet needle, this soft yet sturdy bag is a pleasure to make and even more fun to wear. No linning is needed. As per Jayne's request, there is no button at the tip of the flap as she wanted to use one of her many badges as a button, not as a closure but to beautify her bag.
See her babies, the Tamagochi (electronic pet) in the bag. These are the 2nd generation of Tamagochi, given to her by Auntie Agnes. She carrys them wherever she goes, and have been taking care of them for a while now.
She bought them to school in the Primary 3 class project, the Show and Tell session. Guess who is the "xiao ji ji" (little chicks)'s nanny when she is in school.


Mira said...

You're the virtual cute!

Happy New Year!

Oiyi said...

Very cute bag!

Mimi said...

When my boys were younger they passed through the first tamagochi generation but i refused to be the babysitter. ;) Happy New Year!

Mags said...

Cute the badge idea!!
Your weather looks beautiful and the'm jealous.
Here we've got snow and (brrrr) cold.
Happy knitting.

Chie said...

My son and I love Tamagotchi too. :)
I've thought of making him a pouch for his Tamagotchi lots of times, but I never actually made one for him. I'm inspired!

Lily said...

Jayne's handbag very cute and pretty. Someday I will make one for Lauri too :)