Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Me and my Brother

My Brother Sewing Machine has been with me for many years, but i have been neglecting him all these while. I have a "sewing machine probia" syndrome.

In my secondary school days, Home Economics is one of the subject. Sewing is one of the topics concerned, involving in garment-making. I cant remember how many times i broke my mum's sewing machine's needle, having entangled bobbins and it costs a bomb in that time to have it repaired.

My sister, Agnes knitted this purse. I m jus helping to do up the finishing. Using the knitted bag as a template, leaving about .5" (1cm) all around as selvedge, cut lining.

After machine sewn the sides, i do not know how to use Brother to sew the top side (sigh!!), ended up using hand-stitched.

Needle : Inox 4 mm circular

Yarn : Butterfly Super 10

Material : 100% Mercerized Cotton

A button

Lining fabric from a little shop around the corner


...dotty... said...

You did just perfect, Jackie ! You wouldn't want machine sewing to show on the outside of the purse anyway, so I always hand-sew that top part !

It looks beautiful ! Nice job !

Rina said...

Keep doing it. I think the lining looks perfect.

Lis said...

Cute! That reminds me. Mine has been sitting in the WIP basket for a long, long time.

Lily said...

Cute bag! I am also making bag and plan to sew the lining.

1to1 said...

Looks like you did a great job. I really need to take a sewing class.

Mags said...

The purse is the lining. I too hand sew the top edge!
Great job.
Happy knitting.

Julie said...

very nice!