Monday, March 3, 2008

Back in 1998....

While updating the Simply Love into the photobucket album. I discovered that way back in 1998, i already know how to knit socks. This was where i learned from -

I have the habit of writting down the date, the place and the price on every book that i buy. See, the date is 27 June 1998 in a little craft shop. The price is S$19. Wow, that is a long time - 10 years ago. It is just like hitting a long-forgotten gold mine.

26 August 1998 is a day of a new chapter in my life, i have become a mother.

There are many cute baby knit and crochet items in the books. The one that caught my attention is the baby socks and the baby booties.

I knitted 1 pair of baby sock and 1 pair of booties following the symbol chart in this book within 2 month.

One of the baby sock has gone missing when we moved house.

The 100% cotton yarn -Live Cotton, a Japanese brand - is in my stash box. But the white one has since turns to bits of yellow spot here and there.


Mimi said...

I also still have all my baby knits books in my collection. I am sure they will be useful someday for the next my family next generations. ;)

dustinac said...

aww how cute!! I love them all... I learned after I had my 2...but I'm knitting for friends and relatives lol : )

...dotty... said...

That is so cool to run across something like that that stirs up happy but forgotten memories !

Oiyi said...

Oh, very cute!

Mags said...

Isn't it lovely to find memories that have been put they made you smile!!!