Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Knitted round dishcloth

A fun project to knit, and each time when a scalloped edge along the perimeter appears, i feel very excited about it. Silly me !!
See what i mean - it grows !!
Although it is a dishcloth, it might just be too pretty to use in the kitchen.
How about in the bathroom ? The cotton texture makes it good as a scrubbies.
A great gift, manageable project that help me become familiar with the process and rhythm of knitting and give me a sense of accomplishment.


handknit168 said...

Your crochet work is nice.

Carie said...

That's really pretty - did you invent the pattern?

Jeanne said...

Very pretty!

Mags said...

What a lovely round dish/ really is pretty enough to use as a doily. I, too love the soothing rhythm of knitting.
Beautiful pattern.
Happy knitting.

dustinac said...

Very pretty!! : )

Oiyi said...

Very pretty! I like the progress pics.