Saturday, November 29, 2008

The O.K. gloves

I am OK , are you ?

with the open tip on the thumb and index finger, makes it easier for me to text and use the keypads.

Jayne calls these are The Robot's hand.

I did it - my first pair of glove - i can't believe it !! It is always in my mind to knit a pair of gloves with "fingers" but never had the courage to start, mainly because i m so afraid of the structions on the "fingers" parts.

And also gloves is not a necessity in Singapore, not like socks (OK socks is also not a must to wear for keeping warm in such hot and humid weather) but i do, in an air-con bedroom, of course on the expenses of the high electricity bill.

Is this an excuse to knit socks ? Yes, to me, but such a lousy one !!

I can easily buy a pair of machine-made socks at S$2 or spend a slightly more for a better pair of branded socks. A hank of sock yarn costs more than that and not forgetting of the moment of grr ....and ....the frogging....and....the awaiting for yarn to arrive after the online spree.

Ok let come back to my glove story - what makes me want to knit gloves now ?? Simple - we are going to a Wonderland Snow Ski in Korea. Korea is cold now, and will be much colder in the later part of the year. Gloves and hats are a MUST there.

Thank you Kerri, she made the Cigar gloves for her husband who "I really only need three fingers to smoke, why should my other fingers have to suffer?". O how romantic !

I modified it to become a full-fingered gloves to keep my hands warm at the same time with the opening slip on the thumb and index finger, allowing me to use them freely.

Pattern : Cigar (free download pattern from Ravelry)

Yarn : Moda Dea Silk'n Wool Blend, color 4232 Wasabi

Needle : 5" dpns - size 4mm and 5mm

Size : Small


Brian, Julie et al said...

Jackie those look fantastic!!!

Mags said...

Your gloves are the yarn and the colour!!
I always find knitting fingers so fiddly!! What a neat idea leaving an opening!!!
Happy knitting.

Annie said...

Really a smart modification!

a friend to knit with said...

i love how those were made.

i know i am so late commenting on these! hope you are well!

R a i n said...

Those are so cool!!

Jullie Teo said...

Hahahahha.... CUTE gloves!!!

Anonymous said...
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