Monday, April 6, 2009

Rat Noodles

I love to cook simple one dish meal on weekends.

This noodle is called "Rat Noodle" (老鼠粉) commonly known as Mee Tai Bak in Singapore, as per the name, it is shaped like rat's tail . But i dont see any similariy to it. It is short, about 5cm long and 5mm in diameter. It has a white semi-transparent colour. The noodle is available in most of the wet markets and supermarkets here, the price is not expensive. For my family of 3, it costs only 80cents.

After boiling the noodles in a pot of hot water, i will drained dry so as to let Jayne scoope up the portion in in each plate. In the plate, she added 2 tbsps of Maggi Tamato sauce, 1 tbsp of light soya sauce, a little bit of sugar, a dash of pepper, and some drops of Sesame oils. I will use these ingredients to make any type of dried noodles.

Mixed well together again, she loves and enjoys doing the preparations of food

See this is how her Sunday's lunch looks like ! She has 1 Chikuwa roll as the nose, 2 Konnyaku prawns as the eyebrows, a flavoured crab stick as the mouth not forgetting some mixed vegetables for the eyes.

This is a bowl of minced pork egg soup to go with our dried noddles.
Soup base is made from dried small scallop and dried ikan billis. These 2 dried products are commonly used to boil soup. The sweetness of the soup required no more MSG. I boiled the soup for 1/2 hours, then switched off the electricity. Let the hot temperature simmer the dried ingrentients in the pot. Add in the beaten egg and minced port once the soup is done, eat while hot.


bobbi said...

UR such a sweetheart.
i got your gift in the mail today, and yes it did make me feel good.
one thing blogging gave me was a good friend like you, and i thank u so much for keeping in touch with me.
Bob is doing great almost back to good health.
say hi to Jayne for me and take care.
many thanks again

Oiyi said...

The noodles look so yummy! Your blog posts are not showing up on Ravelry. I didn't even know that you ahve been blogging recently. I feel like I missed out.

Bits of Taste said...

I love "Rat Noodles" either fried, soup or claypot.

Knit Sew City Girl said...

My Mum use to make this for me. It's really delicious. Must give this a try.

Thanks for sharing.


Ling said...

I miss Rat Noodles. You can't get them in the UK. Looks yummy!