Thursday, May 14, 2009

April May

No, is not that cute yellow face there that i m going to talk about. Ok, maybe just a little note on Pooh, the Nintendo Lite DS cover. My sister bought this for Jayne from Hong Kong while on her holdiay in April (see April is one of the month in the title, coincidence?). Jayne loves it very much.

Now back to Arpil May (this is the month of May (another coincidence ?) wristwarmers. Who needs a wristwarmers in such a hot and humid weather. Beat me !! Anyway, i knit this for fun cos of the beautiful colour yarn, and something small that i can knit-on-the-go.

Pattern - Here

Needle - Size 4mm and 5mm (Double Point Needles)

Yarn - Bella Baby Cloud

On second thought, I am thinking to wear it to the Ice-Skating Rink.

I used to wear a long sleeve T over my short sleeve T there, and have to take it out once we step out of the Rink. It is kind-of-a-hassel to me !! i dun like it !

It is 16" long, covering my arms to keep warmth. Just pull them off when we leave the place.

Ice skating is just not my cuppa-of-sport, I will sit there and watch Jayne and her daddy having fun ice skating. Who says is boring by just sitting and wathcing, i m enjoying myself too, i m knitting in a cold place - what more can i ask ?


Oiyi said...

The wrist warmers are so cute! And that DS Lite cover is awesome!

Pam said...

Very cute...I sure wish I could knit.

Mylene said...

wrist warmers looks lovely! Well done!!

opportunityknits said...

good idea to wear the arm warmers. My mum used to sit and watch me and my cousins ice skate. It used to cost $10 for 5 of s to skate the whole day and my mum would bring a huge box of sandwiches and a thermos of milo for us. Wonderful memories :)

dustinac said...

Love the DS cover and the wrist warmers they are very pretty! Sounds like fun sitting there, watching them, and knitting : )

Mags said...

Great wristwarmers...and the colour is lovely!
Happy knitting.

Shari said...

first of all, thanks for visiting my blog! I appreciate it!
Second of all, these are adorable!!! I think they would be a wonderful addition to anyones winter wardrobe in a cold climate.