Sunday, June 14, 2009

Good morning Sunday aka Happy Father's Day

A sunny (as usual) hot, humid Sunay, the Daddy is teaching the Princess how to clean the bikes.

She is in charge of cleaning and polishing while the Daddy is in for the fixing here and there.

The Princess is dripping some oil to the chain to enable it for a smooth ride.

With a few repair tools and cleaning aids, our bikes are as shiny as gold.

We will be heading for the park later this evening to ride our shiny bikes.


dustinac said...

What a wonderful time spent together! I'm sure you all had a blast riding them : )

bobbi said...

a family bike ride, how wonderful
p.s. thank u4 the hug. always appreciated.
i'm doing fine, on my way for a short trip to dubuque, iowa for some R and R. my hubby needs it badly.
enjoy your bike ride!

Mags said...

The family that plays together...stays together! Hope you had a lovely evening at the park.

Crafty Corner (Rin7 Needles Craft) said...

what a wonderful family...