Tuesday, June 2, 2009

K2 Skate

We were at the East Coast Park last evening buying new Skate.

jayne chose the K2 Athena Alu and the daddy chose his K2 Moto.

Both of them are gliders, be it on the ice or on the land.

It is a good thing that my husband and my daughter like the same sport.

Where am I ? I was on my bike, behind them taking pics and enjoying myself, watching them play.
See that red sign board there, that is our favourite fast food outlet. We had our dinner there.


opportunityknits said...

awww, that's so sweet. It's heartwarming to see such a close knit family having fun together.
take care

Ling said...

My kids want to learn to skate but I'm not sure because I'm so terrible on skates. It looks like soo much fun.
BTW, that's our favourite fast food place too!

dustinac said...

What a great night out! Roo wants to learn to skate and JD used to...I've never been good at it though : )

...dotty... said...

Oh, that's wonderful ! Kelley, my daughter, and I skated together when she was young, right up until she left for college. She was better at it than I was, as she could skate backwards the proper way, but all I could do backwards was coast. So much fun, though.
Do you mean that those skates work for land or ice? Wow......I never tried ice-skating !
My poor bicycles are sitting unused now that I'm driving again.....the hubby is urging me to sell them, but they've been such a big part of my life that I just can't do it. I'm making myself walk in the mornings to keep from getting too fat and lazy. I wish that you and I could bike together !

Pam said...

Looks like a fun night!

Knit Sew City Girl said...

It's so good that your husband loves skating with your daughter. It shows how close they are, which is lovely. I bought some skates for my daughter recently, she is just like me, I love skating too.

bobbi said...

families that play together, stay together.
it's good to see, happy skating!!

Lillie said...

Great bonding there! Mummy should try it out someday and join in the fun :D

Oiyi said...

Great to see that they have something they can enjoy together. I am really bad at rollerblading, but I did buy a pair a while ago for fun.

Gina J said...

Jackie, you've been keeping busy! I LOVE your crochet and knit projects! I miss you on our KAL, though! I've never heard of gliders. How do they work on both land and ice? Very cool!

Anonymous said...

I had a pair of blades when I was a teen, they where a ton of fun! Looks like you guys where having a blast!

I couldn't get your email to work, and wanted to thank you for the sweet comment on my sweater! I'm not sure how I'm able to knock out so many projects, I'm mostly a monogamous knitter. Working on one project at a time. I think I'm a pretty fast knitter too. I'm going to have to video myself knitting, should make a good post! Thanks again :)