Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hello Hello Hello and Hello

Lately i have been receiving Emails, SMSs, MNSs on -

"woman, how come there isn't any update in your blog", "do u know that your last blog entry was on 3rd August", "was i very busy?", "your blog was almost 2 months since the last entry", "am i doing ok", "am i still in the knitting world", "my friend, your blog is collecting dusts"...etc etc

Thank you to all my friends for your concern, kind reminders, and wishing me well messages. I am OK, doing well, UFOs flying around in the house......ahahahah


Mylene said...

that makes me laugh....glad to hear you are fine and that's a great family picture.

ribbon said...

I am so happy to see you in this blog again!
Pls keep on updating for me and other readers :)

Karan said...

Good to see you posting again. Lovely pic. :0)

dustinac said...

Love the family picture and so happy to see ya posting! : )

...dotty... said...

Beautiful family photo, thank you for sharing it with us, Jackie.

I peek into the AnySock thread and know that you are okay.......your posts are always so happy !

Ranae said...

Yes! we do miss you!!

bobbi said...

it just goes to show that there is life after or other than blogging.
have a happy one.

nice looking family and jayne, what a beauty.

my knitting is going well, i'm working on socks for my granddaughter's 17th birthday coming up soon.

thank u 4 always keeping in touch, i thought about you last night when i was opening my beautiful purse.:)

opportunityknits said...

Hi, just checking in and saying hi :)

JY said...

Life is all about family and UFOs (knitting and otherwise) :)

Mags said...

Everyone needs time to relax and reflect...glad you've decided to return. Lovely family pic.
Happy crafting.

Gina J said...

Great family pic, Jackie!
Glad you're back online again!

Lillie said...

LOL...you've been missed.
Lovely family pic indeed.