Sunday, October 18, 2009


One of my KnitPicks cable joint came out, and after much checking around, with the good reputations from the company and good recommendations from fellow knitters, i would like to request for a replacement.

Upon hearing my plea, a friend of mine is willing to help me, and she even ask me whether do i need to purchase stuff from KP, she can mail them over at the same time.

Oh how wonderful !!

This box arrived at the time while i was out picking Jayne from the school, hence the Postman left a Delivery Advice slip.
With the DA reference, immediately called to check and was told that the package will be in the Post Office the next working day, and offered a few options for collection, i chose the one that to be delivered to my house again on the next next working day.
I have to wait for 3 days before i can see my goods. :(

At last, my box came :)

Jayne loves to be the one to open up, and she even helps me by doing the design graphic paint on the picture.

I bought a set of the classic straight 14" Harmony wood needle set and the 4" Harmony Wood Double Pointed Knitting Needle Set plus the 5 different length Options Interchangeable Circular Knitting Needle Cables.

Oh, how i love my KPs.....thank you so much, my friend.


...dotty... said...

I haven't visited the AnySockKAL in quite awhile, but I saw your problem on there last time I visited. It's great that KP took care of you and you got to get other things delivered at the same time. Good choices !
Knit Picks has taken care of several problems I've had.......they're the best !
Have fun trying out all of your new goodies.
Good job, Jayne,.....I like how you hid the addresses !

Annie said...

Jac, i had the same problem, two of my cable joint came out too!! I didnt know can replace... do you write to them?

Lillie said...

Enjoy your new toys!

jyk said...

I've never used KP before but I'm glad you are back to knitting again :)

PS: the panda! great touch

Mylene said...

Enjoy the new stash! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend ahead!

Karan said...

Nice to know of a company that looks after its customers. Have fun with the new stash. :0)

Gina J said...

Oh, Jackie, I'm so glad you got your stuff and like it! It was my pleasure to help you out! I had KP replace some of my broken cables at the same time they sent me yours. Win-win for all of us!

Phoebe said...

I just bought the harmony wood interchangeble circular needle set, haven't really tried them on any project, but I made a bag for these needles. I don't like the vinyl bag. :P

Crafty Corner (Rin7 Needles Craft) said...

wow... I've been dreaming to have a set of these knitting needles, I thought I could buy it in Spore this December, but it seems impossible, since you've to buy it online.