Sunday, November 22, 2009

Jayne's Day Out

This picture was taken on the 14 Nov, Saturday, at around 630am, when my princess, Jayne was going to a 2 Days 1 Night Kampong Experience and Desaru Adventure organised by her school as a Brownies Education Trip.

This was the first time Jayne was travelling without daddy and mummy by her side to a foreign country. Her daddy and I were worried sick of her well-being in Desaru and counting down to the minutes and seconds before her call at at night (@10pm) waiting to hear her voice on the phone.


dustinac said...

I know it was hard for you guys being parents we worry so much...but I know it had to be very exciting for her and a wonderful experience! : ) *hugs*

Karan said...

Hope she's soon back with you so you can stop worrying (((((hugs))))). She will be so full of news to tell you too. :0)

Knit Sew City Girl said...

Hi Jackie.

Did Jayne have a good time? How old is she? I'd be very worried if my Rascal went abroad without me.