Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Mini Sock Exchange is here

Besides the wee tiny mini sock, see the great gifts i received from Margi.

There is a mini sweater matching the mini sock (now Jayne is asking for a tiny doll to wear the sweater and to play with.... where am i going to buy such tiny doll ....LOL !!) . You should see it - the workmanship is very really good and the stitches are even and neat, the colours matches very well. It got to be a knitting guru to knit such delicate piece of work !

A lacy purple bookmark, a stack of recipe cards, 2 pieces of lovely colour fabric and a friendship bracelet for Jayne from her daughter. (Oh, that is so sweet of her daughter :)

Thank you for being my exchange pal, hugs !!


Karan said...

What a lovely exchange package. The mini sock & sweater are so cute! :0)

Cindy said...

The mini sock and sweater are really cute. Love the mini sweater and I think it will look even greater on a doll.

Mylene said...

Such lovely things you received from the exchange.

Conny said...

I just found your blog! It's fantastic. I love to knit socks - your mini socks reminded me of the tiny socks I knitted a couple of years ago for Christmas tree ornaments - with glitter and all. They were so fun to make. I'm working on fingerless gloves right now and was searching for patterns.
Many blessings!

You can just call me...dotty... said...

That little sweater is amazing, isn't it? Oooh, that gives me a huge desire to try to make a couple of little sweaters to hang on the Christmas tree !
Hmmmmmm.......well, I do love to stay BUSY !
Thanks, #1 fan !

Julie said...

what a goodie bag! That swap was fun.