Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lovely Christmas card with drawing

See this is the most cutest christmas card we received this year. What a happy, playful drawing from a 3 year old girl. Thank you sweetie.

This is how the card look like, a very heart-warming Merry Christmas wishes from a good friend, I. She mailed it out on the 16 December 2009, believe it or not - I got it only yesterday. These long awaiting days makes my heart fonder :)

In the envelope, there is a piece of pattern attached

For this beautiful shawl/shrug that she crocheted for me as my birthday present

She know that we love this so much


Cindy said...

What a lovely gift :)

a friend to knit with said...

wow. that is a gorgeous gift!!!
and a very sweet card.

happy new year to you, jackie!!!

dustinac said...

What a beautiful gift and lovely card! : )

Mylene said...

That's a beautiful gift and a very cute card.

Happy New Year!!

leila dao said...

Wishing you and your lovely family a very Happy and Healthy New Year.
To you, a Happy Knitting New Year.


Lillie said...

So sweet, a wonderful gift.
A birthday wish is in order then?
A belated birthday wish filled with love and many smiles.