Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Buy

This year, I have decided to join the IntSweMoDo2010 marathon in Ravelry . The rule is that to finish 1 Adult size sweater/top in every month, hence 12 sweaters in 2010.

With this goal in mind, I started to do some online purchase, and all the packages arrive safe on time in my letter box.

Elsabeth Lavold Hempathy

This was my second time ordered the Elsabeth Lavold Hempathy, as the first package went "missing in action", I don't know where went wrong, I never get to see my purchase.

It has been almost 7 months now, I really hope it will be return to me as a "returned post".

This time, after I send in my order, I was very uneasy, feeling "up and down". What if, this package MIA again !! Luckily this time, it CAME.

I like the 40%Hemp, 40%Cotton, 20%Modal Rayon in Pink Fauve, suitable for the weather now.

After this successful buy, I started my shopping spree again. This time is the all time favourite -the 100% Superwash Merino Wool, in Briar (purple tone) with a generous 225 yards per skien, enough for a cardigan


I am thinking of a summer top, cotton yarn would be great. So, the third purchase is the Pierrot Cotton Neat. in Drab Green.

Pierrot Cotton Neat

Pierrot Soft Merino Fingering

Last but not least, is the Grage Grey Pierrot Soft Merino Fingering, for another winter holdiay project.


ribbon said...

nice group! nice try! have a fun!

dustinac said...

Wow to me who has only knit kid sweaters that sounds like a lot of knitting! I can't wait to see all your sweaters and love the yarn choices!! : )

Karan said...

Those yarns are wonderful. Can't wait to see what you make with them. :0)

Lillie said...

Gosh! 1 sweater a month?? Envy! envy!..gorgeous yarns.

Oiyi said...

You bought some lovely yarn!

Dolly said...

Oh, what fun petting you get to do with those yarns.

And quite an adventurous spirit, to take on this challenge. You'll look so good in all that handmade loveliness, though, and have such fun making them !

LadyTr0uble said...

A happy, healthy & prosperous year of the tiger for you and your family