Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Surprise

Received a package yesterday, truly a very surprise one for me as I was not expecting anything from anyone from anywhere. And yet these came in............My Birthday Presents !

With your busy house-moving event, most of your things being packed up in boxes, you were not so sure of my birth month, yet you still send these to me.

You made my day - with full of happiness, warmth and love.

I used to buy The Cross Stitcher but not anymore as I have stop cross stitching since, by looking at it now, there is a urge to re-open my cross stitch box, maybe in between knitting, a little cross stitching will be good.

.......and this lovely fob with my initial J, isnt it beautifully stitched with exquisite beads finishing ?

Thank you so much Mylene.


Mylene said...

Hello Jackie, i am so glad to hear it has arrived safely, i know it is late for your b-day as i know it is sometime in July but not sure which date.

Happy to hear you love them and do hope it will inspire you to stitch a little...maybe...


bobbi said...

Hey, sry I missed your birthday. Hope it was as wonderful as you are.
Happy knitting!

Dolly said...

Happy Birthday from me too !

Awwww......what's a few weeks ?
I hope it was a fun one, and you just keep getting gifts for another couple of months !

I love the new look of your blog......gorgeous, like you !

dustinac said...

What a wonderful gift! I hope you had a wonderful birthday and loving the new look to the blog! :D