Thursday, August 26, 2010

This little birdie

While i was busy counting the rows and stitches for this gauge, i heard chirping outside the window - this little yellow bird standing on one of the bamboo pole, cleaning his feathers, enjoying himself in his bird-eye view.

the next moment i rasied my head looking out of the window, there he was standing at the window panel.

Upon seeing this, i thought to myself, it might be the warm weather that made him went under the shade of the window, poor guy !

Hence i quickly removed a pot of plant from the glass container nearby, poured water in, thinking that this little birdie might need to cool down, and i think that he knew there will be a bird bath as despite that i was so close to the window, he doesnt seem to mind and was waiting for it.

True enough, he flew in, and settled himself there, oh my, i was so excited ! My DIY bird bath works :)

Slowing he made his way in, nearer and nearer .... guess he must be feeling so at home !

See he was again chripping away resting on the bottom of a standing fan, together with those reuse, recycle milk bottles containing rain water that i've been collecting on raining days, this sky water is a good supplement for plants.

Now he was on the table, on my knitting magazine, looking around.

I've so much fun watching and recording this little guy made his way in and out of my house. Jayne was happy to see the tape, however she is hoping that our little friend will come visiting again while she is at home.


Ruinwen said...

What an adorable little bird. He must have sensed your kindness and been so thankful for the respite from the elements. *hugs* :)

opportunityknits said...

Jackie, you're so sweet, even the bird trusted you enough to enter your house!

Chie said...

I love budgies and I have one! Come to my blog and see him. :)

dustinac said...

aww how cute, love the pictures : )

bobbi said...

Tweet tweet!!!

Judy said...

Wow! That's a beautiful bird! How exciting! Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, I'm excited about being a grandmother and all of the cute little things that I can make in the future. Take care and hope the bird visits you again.

Mylene said...

Adorable little birdie. Thanks for sharing the pictures.