Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Weenie tiny sock key-chain

I have asked myself a question before, when i started to knit socks. Can i knit or rather am i capable of knitting a very tiny, not Jayne's baby socks or booties that i had done before ? Doll's sock, maybe ? I told myself i cant yet as i m a novice in the world of sock knitting.

Few days ago, Jayne came asking me why am i not knitting sock anymore ? I told her that it is getting warm and humid to knit sock, and also (i think) my sock knitting mojo went wandering away from me . She answered me that is is not true ! as she can see that i am still knitting. Why cant i just knit socks again like last time ! Or how about knit a tweenie tiny sock toy for her instead of normal feet size sock.

Thanks to her "encouragment" and the as usual "Oh-So Pleasey Please look", i started looking for pattern in Ravelry.

I found Wee Tiny Sock pattern.

I joined the Wee Tiny Sock Swap - Little is more. All it takes is a little amount of stash yarn which i have plenty leftover sock yarns and a short time to create some fun wee tiny socks that i can trade with new friends. One can’t help falling in love with all the wee tiny socks.

I knit this for fun, to please my daughter, at the same time i m challenging myself since now that i had completed 4 sets of baby sock/booties and recently 5 pair of sock. Can i do it now ?

Ever since my second pair of sock, i know how to knit 2 @ 1 Time method, i had stopped using the double point needles to knit sock. In order to knit this small version, i had to go back using again.

I use the leftover yarn for the Spirogyra Socks and Fingerless Mittento knit this tweenie tiny sock, with 2mm (size 0) 5" wooden double point needle.

Many a time, i noticed that my working needle is slightly bent and i have to adjust it gently or swop to another needle or change to the other side to continue knitting.

I enjoyed knitting this very fast finished (just 2 hours or so) project last night. How i wish a normal size sock can get it done within 2 hours. Most of all, I am delighted to see Jayne is very happy to have it hanging on her school bag this morning.


Pam said...

I love your sock key chain...I sure wish I could knit - I never got the hang of it.

alt.ayu said...

aww this is so cute!!! maybe I should try it out too! hehe

dustinac said...

It looks great!! Sure you can make them *hugs*

Anonymous said...

Very innovative of you. Hmmm... can be great Christmas gift too, what do you think?

KWF said...

That is so cute! I haven't try knitting socks before. Always tell myself that SG has no need for knitted socks. Now you've given me new ideas. :)

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I love your wee tiny sock:)Hugs Darcy