Friday, April 3, 2009

Let's masak...

Bits of Taste has a beautiful picture on Seafood Baked Rice that caught my attention. I like the way that she baked the rice in an aluminmium foil instead of a baking pan. It is like the way i play "masak masak" when i m a little girl.

*Masak Masak is a Malay word, for playing tea party*

Most of all, Jayne and her daddy enjoy eating baked rice directly from the foil, hot from the oven while the cheese is still swizzling !

All it takes is a few slices of pinic baked ham, a small piece of threadfish fillet from NTUC (a local leading supermarket)sliced into 2 portion (seasoned with dash of salt and pepper), a packet of shredded Mozarella cheese.

I will cook the rice much earlier than our dinner time, as accordinly to my mother, a housewife cum expert cook, that the cooked rice needs to "stand" first before eating, for a better rice texture.

After the rice is cooked and has been "standing" keeping warm, (thanks to the warmer device). Scoop rice into the baking foil. I bought the 15cm by 12 cm a.foil from SKP Pte Ltd, 10 pcs with lid for S$4.50.

Oh i almost forget, (thanks to Jayne's reminder) i added a can of Campbell's Condensed soup - Mushroom Seafood into the rice (mix well) before i scooped the rice into the foil.

I will preheat the oven (depends on your oven temperature, 150deg. is just right for my oven) while Jayne arranged the ingredients on top of the rice.

This is the fun part, we can put in whatever we like to eat. No restriction,it is masak-masak time !!

Now send them into the oven for sunbathing till the cheese melts.

Jayne's ham and chesse baked rice.

Daddy and Mummy's ham and fillet baked rice.


jeff said...

When I read "Let's Masak" on the title, the first thing came in mind was Let's cook. Because "masak" is an Indonesian word for cook.

Um... that looks delicious. Kind of wants me to get a midnight snack now.

dustinac said...

ohh that looks so yummy!! : )

Lillie said...

This looked wonderful yummy, easy to cook especially on 'dunno wat to cook days'. Thank you for going to try this soon.