Sunday, June 28, 2009

Big Big Vesper

My Vesper is doing fine (actually) but somehow or rather, inside me, i m not happy with the size it is now even though it is a loose fitting top.

In order to make the Vesper not so baggy-looking, i need to overlap the pleats more, i have to rip off many rows of stockinette stitch.

It is the first time i use a life-line on my knit piece, i m glad that this life-line method comes handy.

Jayne enjoyed winding up the yarn for me, and at the same time, i taught her the use of the life-line and how it works.

Mr Frogging isnt not as bad as everyone thinks !!


opportunityknits said...

oohh you've got a ball winder! It must be fun to use :)

Hope your vesper will fit better now. It has an interesting design.

dustinac said...

I'm sorry you had to frog back but YAY for using a lifeline : )

Mags said...

Lifelines are great...thank goodness you included one and you didn't have to rip back too much. Your vesper is's such a cute pattern!
Happy knitting.

Mylene said...

It looks like you have done a lot of work on it, sorry though about the frogging.

Lillie said...

Sorry that the lil'froggy came to visit, sometimes he just had to make his appearance once in a while.

bobbi said...

very nice, i've been known to frog lots

Ruinwen said...

Sorry that you had to frog but you really did it in style with that ball winder!

Lily said...

You made a right decision. Better to frog if you don't like the result. I always use lifeline too.