Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My first package from Japan

My package from Japan arrived yesterday around 6 in the evening, moment after we came back from Jayne's school field trip to Chinatown. I did not expect the Postman will come at this hour, in fact it was the first time i had my package at this "odd" hour. Anyway i am very happy to see him, thank you, Mr Postman.

These are in the box -

4 balls of nicely wind up Sawayaka Cotton #15 ( a bery sweet light Pink).

2 balls of Cotton Neat

2 balls of Hamanaka Kawaii Akachan Pure Cotton

These are the Pierrot brand cotton yarn that I want to knit in such a hot and humid weather, thanks to my dear friend in Japan, for sending it over to me. There is a very cute green key chain too.

Arigato gozaimashita, Izumi.


Lillie said...

Lovely package. Enjoy!

Izumi said...

You are welcome!!
I am so glad for you to like those yarns :)

dustinac said...

ohh how pretty! : )

Ranae said...

You are truly blessed with an awesome friend

Mags said...

Gorgeous pastels..what a wonderful, thoughtful friend you have.
Happy knitting.

Cindy said...

wow...great to received stash.
I love their colours, beautiful!!

Aw said...

wow....lovely Japanese yarn,...lucky

JY said...

Lovely - more stash! My mum always nags at me to finish mine before more purchases :P

Lia said...

how lucky are u!!!! I was about to ask the online store :) ahhahahahaa