Friday, July 17, 2009

Bread making workshop

My family love to eat bread very much, with the intention of baking my own bread for them, i went to a breadmaking workshop this morning, learning the art of bread making.

We are introduced to bread making, what are the basic ingredients and how to make a sweet dough.

Using the sweet dough recipe, we make Cinnamon Raisin bread, Curry Potato Tuna Donut, Coconut Flat Bread, Chicken floss Bun, Red Bean Bun and Hotdog Roll.

Coconut Flat Bread

Clockwise - chicken floss bun, curry potato tuna dount, hotdog roll, cinnamon raisin bread and red bean bun.

The Cinnanmon Raisin bread is the product of using a bread machine.

My favourite is red bean bun with sprinkle white sesame seeds. Jayne loves the hotdog roll and her daddy prefer the curry potato tuna dount and the hotdog roll.

I am very happy that Jayne and her daddy enjoyed eating my first batch of handmade bread.


dustinac said...

YUM! I was given a bread machine that the friend didn't use. It didn't come with any papers though so I haven't figured out how to use it lol : )

Cindy said...

What a good try on baking those yummy bread. Great job!
Btw...I love to eat bread too ;)

Carie said...

Coconut flat bread looks amazing and it all sounds delicious

Lillie said...

Coconut flat bread sounds yummy!

Rima said...

Bread making workshop. How fun is that!