Saturday, October 10, 2009

75 pieces

These came in yesterday *Happy Dancing*

I don't knit with double point needles these day due to my knitting tension but how can I resist of not buying :)

I have a project in mind to knit using the double point needle *again*

It is raining now while I'm writting and posting this entry. I hope this heavy down-pour is able to wash away the dust that has been piled up on the ground, these days has been warm and humid and sincerely hope to have a cool day.

Have a nice knitty moment and a wondeful weekends, my friends.


Mylene said...

Goodluck with your knitting and looking forward to see progress.

Hope you are having a good weekend despite the rain.

...dotty... said...

You are set up and well supplied now, girl ! Congratulations on what I bet was a GOOD buy !

Mags said...

That's a lotta needles! I love it when it rains.
Happy knitting.