Thursday, October 8, 2009

Stitch and Scarf

This is Stitch -

Jayne's cuddle soft toy bought from Hong Kong Disneyland while we were there.

Oh...... no no, Stitch doesnt come home with us wearing the scarf.

Jayne knits the scarf and put it on Stitch for a photo shot before giving it as a gift to her little mei mei (little sister).

Stitch is also the "bridge" connecting Jayne and her mei mei in their online webcam chat.

Mei Mei has a Stitch soft toy too, who loves to play Peek-a-Boo with Jayne and her Stitch very much.

Jayne picks this colour as she knows mei mei love to eat grapes and like Purple.

Yarn - Patons (Powder Puff)

Needles - 5mm Clover circular needle

Pattern - Jayne's mindless knitting of all knit rows.


Mylene said...

That is such a lovely scarf. Great job Jayne.

Rima said...

Really really nice scarf!

Karan said...

A lovely scarf. WTG Jayne. :0)